How to Make Yogurt

A simple dish that is yummilicious, comes in all colors and flavors, eases your mind over the amount of calories and serves as a perfect dessert. Tough call, don’t you think? Yogurt, however, fits the demanding bill and has an international fan following. And the demand for yogurt makers is uphill, given that they are known to enhance the nutritional value of yogurt and expedite the process of making the same.

Anyone who has observed yogurt under the microscope will tell you that it is teeming with life. Certain strains of bacteria are beneficial for humans, and Lactobacillus delbrueckii, Streptococcus salivarius, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei are among the probiotic organisms that are found in yogurt.

Going by yogurt maker reviews, these yogurt machines are quite user friendly and time-saving. The latter being the single most important quality that every one seeks in any machine. Before this, I had to wrap my jars of yogurt in a blanket and placed them near the radiator for 8 hours straight. For beginners who have just woken up to the benefits of using a yogurt maker, here’s is a simple guide to using the machine for making yogurt.

1) Milk and the starter are the most important ingredients used in making yogurt using yogurt makers. Depending upon your preferences, pick up either low-fat or full-cream milk that is fresh. Heat the milk to its boiling point, and then allow it to come down to the room temperature.
2) Allow it to cool down sufficiently before adding plain yogurt to it, as the beneficial bacteria that makes the yogurt probiotic will be killed by heat as they are not thermophilic. While you wait for you milk to cool, set your yogurt maker to heat up. Ensure that the temperature does not rise above 180 F.
3) After it’s cooled, add the plain yogurt. This added yogurt is known as the starter. The bacteria in this yogurt start multiplying, and it is the chemicals that they ooze that turn milk into curd.
4) When the yogurt maker is warm, pour the milk-and-starter mixture into the machine, after stirring the mix carefully. Stirring the combination either too much or too little will result in the machine not yielding yogurt of satisfactory quality.
5) Then comes the test of patience. It usually takes an average of 8 to 10 hours for a yogurt maker to make yogurt. Removing the stirred milk-and-starter mixture from the maker too early will result in the formation of inconsistent yogurt. Please remember that the amount of time that the ingredients are left in the yogurt machine is directly proportional to the consistency and taste of the yogurt.
6) If you want your yogurt to be thicker, you can drain the yogurt in the draining bag. Cheesecloth works well too. After about 12 to 15 hours, you will have very thick yogurt, Greek-style yogurt.
7) To avoid the precarious positioning and messy dripping of a wet yogurt bag inside your crowded refrigerator, drain the yogurt in a wave-shaped strainer. The wave design exposes more of the yogurt, yielding thicker yogurt more quickly. Simply place the Wave in the fridge, and allow the yogurt to drain until it reached your desired thickness. Enjoy!

You may also choose to make probiotic yogurt with greater amounts of the beneficial microbes in it by adding milk powder to the milk and yogurt starter before pouring it into the machine. A yogurt maker is really convenient. Guess I won’t be purchasing frozen yogurt off the supermarket shelves for some time.

Logitech G5 Gaming Mouse Review

The popularity of gaming has spawned the creation of quite a few gaming peripherals. People will buy just about anything to get the edge on their opponent. A mouse is a peripheral that almost every gamer wants to perform well. One of the popular choices in gaming mice is the Logitech G5. I have had the chance to test a Logitech G5 for quite awhile now. I will break my review into categories that I feel are important for a gaming mouse; comfort, performance, and features.
When using a mouse for extended periods of play being comfortable is very important, and the Logitech G5 is very comfortable. The ergonomic grip has a great feel to it, the mouse fits well in my hand. The G5 has a rubberized grip that makes the mouse feel soft and secures it in your hand. Another feature that helps improve comfort is the variable weight. On the bottom of the G5 is a weight cartridge that lets you change how much the mouse weighs. For example I tend to like the mouse to be heavier in RPGs but lighter in FPSs. It’s just another way to make the player feel comfortable.

The Logitech G5 is very good at what it’s trying to be; a gaming mouse from The mouse works well for every game that I have played. I have mostly tested the mouse on FPS games like Wolfenstein: Et, Unreal Tournament 2004, and Call of Duty 2. The mouse is great for these sorts of games because of the range of sensitivity available on the mouse, and the ability to change it on the fly. The extra button also performs well for things like throwing grenades or a “use” button. The G5 also does well when working in programs like Photoshop. The sensitivity controls help when I need to draw detailed lines. The software for the mouse is pretty good. You can change what each button on the mouse does for every game you play, change acceleration, and change the sensitivity. The software has been updated a few times since I started using it. The updates have helped games recognizing the extra buttons. Overall the performance of the mouse is great and the software works well.

This mouse has quite a few great features that help when playing games. The most obvious is the ability to change the sensitivity in game on the fly. Near the scrollwheel there are two buttons that change the sensitivity of the mouse when pressed. You can see your current setting on a display located on the top of the mouse. This feature is great for games where you need to go from ultra-sensitive down to really low sensitivity on the fly. Another feature that I already mentioned in the comfort section is the variable weight cartridge. This is a decent feature and may help some, but I honestly hope I wasn’t paying for that feature. The mouse also has a scrollwheel that works well for games and scrolling through large documents.

The Logitech G5 is a great choice for a gaming mouse or just a desktop mouse. Key features like on the fly sensitivity changes really help improve your game. This mouse is also extremely comfortable. It your hands will love it even after hours of gameplay. I definitely recommend this mouse. The mouse retails at around $46 which is a great price.

Juicer Review: Breville JE900 Juice Fountain

Do you like to make your own juices from fresh fruits? Then the Breville JE900 is perfect for you. You can find this powerful juicer at Keep reading to learn some of the features that this model offers.


The Breville JE900 is equipped with a 600 watt motor. It’s one of the most powerful units you can find designed for home use. The powerful motor allows you to extract juice faster and more efficiently. It only takes a minute to produce four cups of juice

Feed Tube

You will also like the design of the centered feed tube. It measures an impressive three inches wide. This is wide enough to accept carrots, small apples, and tomatoes. This will help cut down on the amount of time you have to chop fruits and vegetables before putting them in your juicer.


The Breville JE900 has a stainless steel micro-mesh strainer. The 600-watt motor will spin this filter at a rate of 14,500 RPM. This is why more juice can be extracted more efficiently.


This unit has a pulp container that captures pulp and seeds when juicing. This pulp container offers a large capacity. It’s also easy to cleanup. It is specially designed to work with a grocery bag so you can just toss it out.

Juice Pitcher

When you buy the Breville JE900, you are also provided with a special juice pitcher. This pitcher can hold four cups. It also has a special froth separator that will help get rid of froth produced when juicing certain items. It also has an air-tight lid to so that you can keep any leftover juice fresh.


You will like how easy this unit is to maintain. It’s incredibly easy to clean. There are only four parts to clean. Also, you can safely put all four of them on the top shelf of your dishwasher. You are also provided with a cleaning brush so that you can clean the filter easily.

If you like to make your own juice, then you should consider investing in the Breville JE900. It’s equipped with a 600-watt motor and can produce four cups in approximately one minute. Also, the feed tube is three inches wide, so it can fit larger fruits and vegetables without you needing to chop them up. The included juice pitcher is also useful for getting rid of froth.

The Types of Espresso Machine

Baristas are the pioneer and master in the art of preparing ultimate espresso. To master the skills of preparing perfect espresso, lots of patience is required. Fortunately, there is an easier and faster way to prepare espresso and that is espresso machine. It is the godsend for people that are affectionate about espresso drinks as it can produce quality espresso simply by controlling the temperature perfectly. Today, there are different types of espresso machines available and each machine has different functioning and features. Let’s discuss the popular types below.

Piston Driven Espresso Machine

The piston driven Espresso Machine is the authentic type of machine and it is the primitive of all machines. Established in 1945 in Italy, the piston driven design requires using strong arms to produce quality espresso. Espresso lovers who love authenticity always prefer to have espresso produced by piston driven machine. The machine features a lever which the operator pumps to force pressure onto the hot water and driving it through the fine grinds of coffee. To pull out a shot of coffee the level is pulled down and this is how the machine is operated.

Semi-Auto and Automatic Espresso Machine            

Due to advancement in technology, lots of automatic machines are developed and it is replacing all the semi-automatic machines in the market. However, both the models have hot water delivered through its pumping system. In the semi-automatic machine the grinding of beans, preparation and placing it into the machine is done manually. However, in Automatic Espresso Machine everything is done automatically. The operator simply needs to put the grinds into the machine and rest is done by the machine. The machine automatically measures water and temperature and grind the beans to prepare the ultimate espresso. But, many espresso drinkers don’t prefer the semi-automatic or automatic versions as they believe that the authenticity and quality are compromised in these versions.