The Types of Espresso Machine

Baristas are the pioneer and master in the art of preparing ultimate espresso. To master the skills of preparing perfect espresso, lots of patience is required. Fortunately, there is an easier and faster way to prepare espresso and that is espresso machine. It is the godsend for people that are affectionate about espresso drinks as it can produce quality espresso simply by controlling the temperature perfectly. Today, there are different types of espresso machines available and each machine has different functioning and features. Let’s discuss the popular types below.

Piston Driven Espresso Machine

The piston driven Espresso Machine is the authentic type of machine and it is the primitive of all machines. Established in 1945 in Italy, the piston driven design requires using strong arms to produce quality espresso. Espresso lovers who love authenticity always prefer to have espresso produced by piston driven machine. The machine features a lever which the operator pumps to force pressure onto the hot water and driving it through the fine grinds of coffee. To pull out a shot of coffee the level is pulled down and this is how the machine is operated.

Semi-Auto and Automatic Espresso Machine            

Due to advancement in technology, lots of automatic machines are developed and it is replacing all the semi-automatic machines in the market. However, both the models have hot water delivered through its pumping system. In the semi-automatic machine the grinding of beans, preparation and placing it into the machine is done manually. However, in Automatic Espresso Machine everything is done automatically. The operator simply needs to put the grinds into the machine and rest is done by the machine. The machine automatically measures water and temperature and grind the beans to prepare the ultimate espresso. But, many espresso drinkers don’t prefer the semi-automatic or automatic versions as they believe that the authenticity and quality are compromised in these versions.

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