Logitech G5 Gaming Mouse Review

The popularity of gaming has spawned the creation of quite a few gaming peripherals. People will buy just about anything to get the edge on their opponent. A mouse is a peripheral that almost every gamer wants to perform well. One of the popular choices in gaming mice is the Logitech G5. I have had the chance to test a Logitech G5 for quite awhile now. I will break my review into categories that I feel are important for a gaming mouse; comfort, performance, and features.
When using a mouse for extended periods of play being comfortable is very important, and the Logitech G5 is very comfortable. The ergonomic grip has a great feel to it, the mouse fits well in my hand. The G5 has a rubberized grip that makes the mouse feel soft and secures it in your hand. Another feature that helps improve comfort is the variable weight. On the bottom of the G5 is a weight cartridge that lets you change how much the mouse weighs. For example I tend to like the mouse to be heavier in RPGs but lighter in FPSs. It’s just another way to make the player feel comfortable.

The Logitech G5 is very good at what it’s trying to be; a gaming mouse from thetechinsider.org. The mouse works well for every game that I have played. I have mostly tested the mouse on FPS games like Wolfenstein: Et, Unreal Tournament 2004, and Call of Duty 2. The mouse is great for these sorts of games because of the range of sensitivity available on the mouse, and the ability to change it on the fly. The extra button also performs well for things like throwing grenades or a “use” button. The G5 also does well when working in programs like Photoshop. The sensitivity controls help when I need to draw detailed lines. The software for the mouse is pretty good. You can change what each button on the mouse does for every game you play, change acceleration, and change the sensitivity. The software has been updated a few times since I started using it. The updates have helped games recognizing the extra buttons. Overall the performance of the mouse is great and the software works well.

This mouse has quite a few great features that help when playing games. The most obvious is the ability to change the sensitivity in game on the fly. Near the scrollwheel there are two buttons that change the sensitivity of the mouse when pressed. You can see your current setting on a display located on the top of the mouse. This feature is great for games where you need to go from ultra-sensitive down to really low sensitivity on the fly. Another feature that I already mentioned in the comfort section is the variable weight cartridge. This is a decent feature and may help some, but I honestly hope I wasn’t paying for that feature. The mouse also has a scrollwheel that works well for games and scrolling through large documents.

The Logitech G5 is a great choice for a gaming mouse or just a desktop mouse. Key features like on the fly sensitivity changes really help improve your game. This mouse is also extremely comfortable. It your hands will love it even after hours of gameplay. I definitely recommend this mouse. The mouse retails at around $46 which is a great price.